• Tim McClaren

Day 9

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Today we want to wrap up the parable of the sower before we transition to the two parables after the parable of the sower that give great context to the parable.

Did you notice that only 1 out of the 4 soils was good soil? That means that much of what you read in the Bible will not bear fruit, at least at first. Does that mean that Word is bad? No, remember it was never an issue with the seed, the Word, but always with the soil, our heart.

Also, notice that when you initially read you have no real way of telling what soil it landed in because 3 of the 4 soils it will take time to tell if it is bearing fruit or not. If tribulation comes or persecution comes and you want to reject the Word, you know that you have some rocks in your heart that you need to go deal with. If you notice that the cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches, or the desire for other things is keeping the Word from bearing fruit, you know that you have some thorns and weeds that need uprooted out of your life. You know how you remove rocks from your heart and uproot the thorns and weeds? Keep reading the Bible and praying and God will take care of them.

Therefore, do not get discouraged when it seems like the Bible isn’t making any sense to you or is not having any immediate effects or fruitfulness in your life because 75% of the options for the Word to go are not good ones. When we first start to walk with Jesus, a lot of our heart is hard that we do not know about, we have more rocks, thorns, and weeds than we know and as we stay faithful with Jesus that will change. I personally believe that every time we read or hear the word, some goes on the wayside, some goes on stony ground, some goes among thorns, and some goes on good soil. Do not get overly caught up and discouraged by what isn’t working or happening, rejoice in the part that is making sense and bearing fruit. Remember the Word is living and active, meaning that every time you come to the Word, the words on the page are the same, but they can and will strike you in different ways. Do not quit because some or much of it doesn’t make sense. Be grateful for what does.

Read John 9

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