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Day 23

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The last two days we looked at loving relationships that we have with God so today let’s look at some aspects of His love.

In order to discuss God’s love, let’s look at Song of Solomon 8:6-7 which says:

“Set me as a seal upon your heart,

As a seal upon your arm;

For love is as strong as death,

Jealousy as cruel as the grave;

Its flames are flames of fire,

A most vehement flame.

Many waters cannot quench love,

Nor can the floods drown it.

If a man would give for love

All the wealth of his house,

It would be utterly despised.”

From these two verses, let’s look at a few aspects of His love. First, His love is as strong as death. If we think about death, death is pretty strong. Once you die, you are dead forever (unless God resurrects you). This is to say that no natural thing can overcome death. The same is true of God’s love. No natural thing, no thing in heaven, earth or under the earth is able to hinder God’s love for you. This is what Romans 8:38-39 is communicating, it is impossible for you to be separated from the love of God on earth, it overcomes all things.

Next, His love is jealous. His love being jealous speaks of how He wants you and I to Himself. This means that He is not indifferent about what we do nor is He indifferent of what is done to us. He loves you and I with a singular love and wants and expects that back from us. He wants our love, affection, attention, and devotion. This is actually good for us for two reasons. First, because that means that He is affected by our response to Him. He is moved by our words, deeds, gaze, and attempts toward Him! Second, it is His jealousy for you that leads to His protection of you and your freedom. If His love weren’t jealous, how you live wouldn’t matter and He would not care about what happens to you. His jealous love is what makes you His.

Another aspect of His love is that it cannot be put out. Waters cannot put out and floods cannot drown out the fire of His love. His passion for you cannot be put out or put off. It doesn’t matter what you do, say, think, feel, or what is done to or said to you, God is passionately in love with you and none of that can change this. Even if you tried, you couldn’t get God to not passionately love you. If you sin or have a bad thought or do the wrong thing, He still passionately loves you! This is not to say that He approves or accepts everything that you do or say, but it is to say that His love for you cannot be hindered.

Finally, you cannot earn the love of God. If you sold all you had to have love, it would be utterly despised. One way to look at this is to say that if you gave everything that you have or tried to work to earn love that attempt would actually be despised. You do not have to earn the love of God. In fact, you cannot. It is a free gift. He loves because He is love (1 John 4:8) and because He created and redeemed you for Himself. When we try to earn His love, it actually cheapens His love, but His love is not so cheap that we could earn or buy it. He already is convinced of His love for you, which is why He died on the cross for you and me while we were still His enemies!

Read Matthew 2

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