• Tim McClaren

Day 22

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The second foundational truth that we want to explore today is that Jesus is a bridegroom and a husband who desires a bride.

One of the major revelations and pictures of Jesus and His relation to us that is used throughout the whole Bible is Jesus as our bridegroom and husband. In Hosea 2, God makes two profound statements. In verse 16 God says that you will call Me My Husband and no longer My Master. In verse 19, God says I will betroth you to Me forever. Here God is saying that we will be married to Him and that we will be forever engaged to Him.

Therefore, the same thing that would be expected of a Husband and a Bridegroom you can expect from Jesus. He loves with a zealous love. He loves with a passionate love. He loves with jealous love. He loves with devoted love. He wants to share the deepest places of Himself with you. He wants you to share the deepest places of yourself with Him. As a husband, His love has been tested and found faithful through the ups and the downs. You are the only one for Him. He wants to be the only one for you. He forsook all else for you and He wants you to forsake all else for Him. He wants to partner with you and share His life and work with you as an equal. He wants to share secrets with you. He wants to show you parts of Himself that He doesn’t show others. He wants to be intimate with you not in a sexual way, but in an emotional, and spiritual way.

Because He is a bridegroom Jesus is looking for a bride. He gives various wedding parables during His lifetime (Matthew 22, Matthew 25, Matthew 9), but in dying for us, He was calling us to Himself as His bride. In going to the cross, Jesus was saying I have gone all in for you, I have forsaken all others including My own comfort for you, would you come and do the same for Me. (Ephesians 5:25,32)

Today you can be confident in Jesus’ passionate pursuit of you and His intense desire for you. He wants to be as close to you as possible and He fights for your heart. I encourage today to meditate on and ask Jesus what does it look for You to be my bridegroom and husband.

Read Matthew 1

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