• Tim McClaren

Day 21

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Over the next 9 days, we want to give you 9 foundational truths about God and life with Him. Today we will discuss God as a Father who desires a family.

All throughout the scripture and particularly in the New Testament, God is referred to as our Father. (Isaiah 63:16, 64:8, Matthew 6:9) Therefore, we get to relate to God as Father so everything you would expect of a perfect father you can find in God. He is loving. He is kind. He is protective. He counsels. He provides. He listens. He encourages. He wants to be with you. He cherishes you. He is safe. He is trustworthy. He speaks truth. He corrects. He is a rock.

Because God is a Father, it follows that He desires a family. A father’s greatest delight is his children. In fact, Ephesians 1:3-6 tells us that this is a main reason why He saved us. It says He has adopted us, meaning we are now His children. For adoption to take place there must be a price that is paid. There was, it was the life of His only begotten, beloved Son, Jesus. The high price He paid to adopt us shows us how deeply He wanted us to be His. It says that it was according to the good pleasure of His will. This means that He enjoyed adopting you! Finally, it says He chose us in Jesus before the foundation of the world! Before the world even existed, before you had a chance to impress Him or fail Him, He was thinking about adopting you and making you His own son or daughter! Being His child is purely based on His choice of you and your choice of Him back (John 1:12-13), not on anything you could ever do for Him. This is truly amazing!

Today, you can rest assured and confident that God loves you, desires you, and protects you with the perfect love of a Father. I encourage you today to meditate on and ask God what it means for Him to be your Father.

Read John 21

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