Jesus is uniting the church, saving the lost, & sealing hearts in His fiery love. We are partnering with the local church to host catalytic regional gatherings leading to a massive evangelistic stadium event in 2020. Join us in the Charlotte area and the surrounding 250-mile radius for multiple events that will unite the church, bring us together in day and night prayer, and activate our mission to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to hundreds and thousands of people in our region. Get ready for mass awakening and a great harvest of souls!



You are invited to participate in a bold vision to see the church in our region awakened by the power and love of God. As soon as our nation has been officially cleared to gather once again, we will be hosting united revival tent gatherings in our region to help bring our local churches and community together in day and night prayer and proclamation of the Gospel.  We want to invite worship, prayer, and outreach teams across racial and denominational lines to join us in filling 50 continuous hours of prayer and worship at the tent. Afternoons at the tent will include evangelism equipping and outreach to our communities. Evenings at the tent will be focused on worship, gospel proclamation, and a powerful message that will awaken and revive hearts in the love of God. Only a united church alive in the love of God can heal a divided nation. Get your heart and church ready, the time for harvest is now!

Join the fast

21 Days. Hearts Revived. Souls Saved.

Join thousands of believers who have committed to 21 days of fasting and prayer to see a great awakening in America and a revival of God’s love in our own hearts, families, churches, campuses and every sphere of influence.

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